We Have Intuition for a Reason

I am an INFJ. For me, intuition is a sense just as profound as seeing and hearing. This intense, guiding energy is no stranger to my spirit. It pulls me along, steering my intentions, my feelings, and my journey in life. My intuitive heart knows what she wants, and she clearly vocalizes herself to my brain. Intuition is loud. Intuition is clear. But somehow, it’s so difficult to follow. I oftentimes ignore intuition, allowing practicality and stability to steer my life instead.

I think all of us tend to do the same thing. We “have a feeling,” and rather than acting on it, we push it to the side, ignore the voice of the heart, and move on. We fail to trust our intuition, and as a result, we invalidate it.

This is dangerous though. Humans are designed with a guiding voice for a reason. Sometimes our intuition knows more than our mind does. It is essential that we place trust in our intuition. Otherwise, we invalidate it and we get lost in life.

The prime example of this in my own life was in my decision to transfer universities after my first semester of college. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for my first semester, and I absolutely loved it. UW-Green Bay had been my dream school since my junior year of high school. Excitement filled my spirit early on, and I entered the year with so blooming relationships and many plans for my future. All was good at UWGB, and I was thriving.

However, halfway into the semester, something changed. At a time of complete happiness and satisfaction, a random idea entered my mind. Maybe I should transfer to UW-Stevens Point. This thought was so intense and unexpected, and it disturbed me. Why would I ever want to leave such a great place for a school I knew nothing about? I was ashamed for even thinking of such a thing.

But this thought intensified over time. It would not leave. My mind wandered back to the previous times where UW-Stevens Point spontaneously implanted itself in my mind. I recalled my last-minute decision to apply to UWSP the fall of my senior year. I remembered another time, waking up one morning in May with a burning desire to go to UW-Stevens Point. All of these times, I brushed these desires off. I was impulsive. I was impractical. I wasn’t thinking. I had planned on attending UW-Green Bay for months, and I was going to stick with it.

As I walked back to my dorm room that mid-October day, however, I decided to seriously consider UW-Stevens Point this time. Numerous times, I had failed at extinguishing my attraction to the school. I would hush these thoughts for a while, but they’d spontaneously reappear more intensely than ever. I was so drawn to a university I barely knew that I considered giving up the one I loved. Something beyond my rational was at work, and I chose to no longer ignore it. To some extent, I embraced my intuition.

It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I decided to make the switch. I think the reason I had put it off for so long was the lack of trust I had in my intuition. This ignorance ultimately made the decision impossible and overwhelming. Every time I considered Stevens Point, I would resort to logic to decide. I spent hours writing pros and cons lists, searching endlessly for anything and everything that would make Stevens Point seem better than Green Bay.

“Oh this a couple hundred dollars less expensive than Green Bay.”

“I’ll be closer to home.”

“I have nothing to lose. Stevens Point has the same opportunities.”

I wasted so much energy finding small logical explanations for the transfer. To be honest, the schools are so similar that all of the pros I found were relatively meaningless. But I believed that this was the only way I could justify my decision to others. More importantly, I thought it would bring me more peace in my decision.  It seemed crazy to make such a big decision simply because “it feels right.” Ultimately, that is the reason I transferred. The main reason I came to Stevens Point is because that is what my mind kept telling me to do. The gravitation towards Stevens Point defied all logic, and that was something powerful.

Here I sit in my dorm room writing this post. My roommate and I are savoring some Carl D’s soft serve and enjoying the rainfall. It’s a relaxing evening, and I can’t help but reflect on this year’s journey. Life is great here in Stevens Point. I could have never imagined the things I would be doing on this campus. I’ve built authentic relationships here. I’ve discovered new passions and goals in my life. I’ve grown, and I’ve thrived. A place that was a stranger to me before the semester is now a place I call home. My soul feels so much peace here, and I know this is where I’m supposed to be. UW-Stevens Point has led me in a direction I couldn’t find elsewhere, and I look forward to this new plan for my future.

God gave me my intuition. He created it with a loud and persistent voice, knowing that I tend to stray from His plan. This experience has taught me that it’s okay to do something simply because my heart is telling me so. My mind doesn’t need to be in control 24/7.

Today, if you ask me why I transferred, I’ll proudly tell you “It just felt like I was being called to go somewhere else.” I won’t turn to my rehearsed list of insignificant reasons.

I’ve learned that intuition is just as valid as logic. Sometimes my heart knows more than my mind does, and I need to listen to what my heart is saying. We humans have intuition for a reason. We were created with emotions, gut feelings, and burning desires to follow a certain path. These things should not be ignored, for they guide us in life. Next time you feel your heart leading you somewhere, stop, listen, and follow it. You’ll be amazed by where your heart will lead you.



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